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IMPACT MER is an independant consultancy and R&D office specialized in terrestrial, littoral and marine environment.

Our highly qualified team combines specialists working from catchment basin to marine environements:

  • Terrestrial, coastal and marine ecology

  • Terrestrial, coastal and marine biology

  • Oceanography : modelisation

  • Ichtyology

  • Aquaculture

  • Biogeochemistry

  • Agroforestery

  • Integrated management

  • Public relations and political sciences

More thant 20 years of experience

In addition to its expertise, Impact Mer has developped a network of partners all around the world: Caribbean, French Guyana, Indian Ocean, Europe... We have thus complementary competences allowing us to provide turnkey solutions.

Additionnally to its core business (environmental assessment, monitoring, counsulting), the office has specific knowledge of other fields: management plans, training and Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM).


Thanks to its 20 years of experience in the French West Indies, Impact Mer offers a comprehensive marine environmental project management package to coastal and marine developers, environmental managers and decision makers. Impact Mer’s combination of project management, planning, data acquisition and surveys, analyses and consultancy is unique and allows us to offer our clients a complete multidisciplinary service.

Impact Mer and its network develop and offer alternative solutions for sustainable development, for mitigation and compensation measures of projects and for adaptation to climate change:

  • Marine Renewable Energies

  • Ecological engineering

  • Ecological restoration

  • valuation of biodiversity

  • Adaptation to climate change (soft engineering for shoreline protection)

  • Bioremediation and decontamination of muddy sea beds

  • Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture

Communication and consultation among all the protagonists in order to reach compromises is the key which helps us to implement management programs successfully. We ensure the cooperation and management of expert teams which are trained specifically for each project.

References in the Caribbean, France, Indian ocean and South america

More than 10 professions

A scientific laboratory

5 professional scuba divers

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