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Our core business is structured around 4 major skills, often interconnected. Our deep expertise in the West Indies allows us to have a global approach on environmental issues and sustainable development.


Expertise & consulting


  • Feasability studies, environmental assistance

  • Environmental assessment

  • Land planning  and sustainable development

  • Management plans

  • Integrated development strategies

  • Professional training

  • Programming of cultural and scientific centers



  • Knowledge of aquatic terrestrial, coastal and marine ecosystems

  • Physico-chemistry  and chemistry

  • Oceanography and modelisation

  • Cartography

Knowledge & scientific expertise
  • Fishery resources management; sustainable fisheries R&D

  • Health risks due to contaminations (chlordecone, pollutants)

  • Sustainable and innovative aquaculture, R&D,

  • Socio-economic approach of the industry

Fisheries & aquaculture
  • Ecological engineering, restoration

  • Adaptation to climate change

  • Bioindication

  • Soil remediation

  • Sustainable fisheries & aquaculture,

  • Research in political science

Research & Development
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